Retail, oh my

I usually find my pieces at the local thrift shops and garage sales, to make them my own.  But there times when I will rummage through the clearance racks at different stores.  Naturally I try to get more bang from my buck.  

I check out Khols, JC Penny’s, Gordmans, TJ Maxx, or whatever store I happen to be in.  Sometimes, the accessories and jewelry that I find is cheaper than the thrift shop. 

Plus Khols will send me a ten dollar card and I can usually find something to suit my taste(out of pocket just tax).   What helps me out is that I will buy the clearance jewelry (especially the cards that carry 3 earrings), take them apart and restyle them.  Sometimes I will just add two earring together(I like big earrings).

Here are my latest finds.  Transformations to follow.

All the earrings below was brought at Khols.  I didn’t spend  but $2.00 per card and some of the cards had 2-3 pairs on one card.



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Pursenality Plus.

Listening to Michael Jackson’s, Remember the Time

Back again, digging in the box.  The shoes at the bottom of the post, a friend of my gave me.  I will redo them at another time.  So they were FREE!   The black, red and brown clutch were a mere 75 cents each.  Can you believe it?   The one purse at the bottom was, wait for it………..50 cents.  The other purse was $1.00  I just love finding bargains. Scroll through my finds.  

I found this at the same thrift shop.  I love the shape.
I plan to remove the shoulder strap, so I can carry it as a clutch
For now, I just tuck in the shoulder strap(below) and be on my merry way

I was really excited to learn that this came from Victoria Secret.
Another clutch.  I don’t care if it is leather or not.  I like the look and style. 
My plans is to lift the metal edge and add some chains that flow down.  Wish me luck.
I have no plans right now this beauty.  Just looking good on its own
For some reason I could not get the color right.  The pic above has more of the real color.  The bottom pic is, shall we  say altered.    Any way, I want to draw or stencil some design.   Have not figured that out yet.

I have been able to match some of my finds with what I already have in my closet.  Today I cleaned out some of my closet and I am going to donate them the local thrift or Goodwill.    A lot of my pieces are stand alone.  I will be remaking over a few pieces.   And way we go.

A friend of mine gave me these shoes.  Aren’t they cute.  I plan to restyle the bottom half.
She also gave me these.   These are perfect.  I found a matching purse at a local thrift shop.
Looking good, looking real  good.

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Clutch in the Clutch

I am always looking for purses for my collection. I am a purse fanatic.   I love really big purses.   On occasion, I will see a clutch and feels it fits into my style as a night-time purse.  I found this one at a local thrift shop, of course.   I decided to undress it a little.   Here is what I do.  Because the purse is patent leather, it does not photograph very well, so my pic’s did not turn out as expected.    Here is the purse  I found

A basic patent leather purse.   Vintage and retro.  I love it..  As you can see it has a little scuff marks near the top in two places.  Nothing I can handle

I decided to add an embellishment to adorn the purse.  I did not want it super dressy.

I found these buttons on a jacket that had a whole in and it was too big to cover.  So tossed the jacket and kept the buttons.  Came in handy.

I used a darning needle and decided to use red thread as accent.  I put the other button on the other side.   Here are the end results

 Yes that is my TV remote. Had to prop my clutch against my lamp.   This was quick and easy.    Bye ya’ll.


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I love working with stamps. Since the invention of Cricut Cut/Die Cut machines, a lot of crafters have either thrown away, donated or sold their stamps.  My frugal nature, (plus I just don’t have the cash for a cutter) is one of my driving forces to buy these stamps.  I picked these stamps up for wait for it……….$2.00.  I ran out of the thrift store with my goodies.  I love the ones with writing.   They are more expensive at the craft stores than images.   The larger size stamps cost more as well.  That is one of the first things I look for when I visit my favorite haunts.

It might take me longer to complete a project but I still get the same effect.  I am going to have some fun.

Happy, Happy, Happy

Add caption
More invites
I love it
This came in handy
This is making me hungary
Valentine’s Day coming up
Thanks you cards on the way
Homemade or Handmade
Teachers Aide
Baby on the way
Party time
And warm wishes to you.
I love the stamps with words.  They are so hard to come by.
I can add another stamp to this one or a special note inside the border.
I have a friend who caters for a living.  I think she would like this stamp.
Party time

I love this stamp.  For 2015 I am going to learn how to sew.


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Crochet Abbreviations

Here are some basic crochet abbreviations: I got these from Thrifty


alt = alternate
approx = approximately
beg = begin(ning)
bet = between
BL/bk lp = back loop(s)
BLO = back loop only
bo = bobble
BP = back post
BPdc = back post double crochet(s)
BPsc = back post single crochet(s)
BPtr = back post triple crochet(s)
CA = color A
CB = color B
CC = contrasting color
ch(s) = chain(s)
ch- = refers to chain previously made/worked
ch-sp = chain space
CL(s) =cluster(s)
cm = centimeter
cont = continue
dc = double crochet
dc2tog = double crochet 2 stitches together
dec = decrease
dtr/dtrc = double triple/treble crochet
ea = each
est = established
FLO = front loop only
foll = follow
FP = front post
FPdc = front post double crochet(s)
FPsc = front post single crochet(s)
FPtr/FPtrc = front post triple/treble crochet(s)
FL/ft lp = front loop(s)
g = gram
grp(s) = groups
hdc = half double crochet(s)
hk = hook
inc = increase
lp(s) = loop(s)
lp st = loop stitch
MC = main color
m = meters
mm = millimeters
oz = ounce(s)
pat(s) = pattern(s)
PC(s) = popcorn(s)
pm = placemaker
prev = previous
rem = remain
rep = repeat(s)
rev sc/reverse sc = reverse single crochet
rnd(s) = round(s)
RS = right side
sc = single crochet
sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together
sk = skip(ped)
sl st = slip stitch
sp(s) = space(s)
st(s) = stitch(es)
tch/t-ch = turning chain
tog = together
tr/trc = treble/triple crochet
tr tr/trtrc =triple treble crochet/triple triple crochet(s)
WS = wrong side
X-st = cross-stitch
yd = yard(s)
yo = yarn over
yoh = yarn over hook


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More Jewelry

I will be buying more jewelry for a while.   Since I moved I do not have the space to do some of my other thrift buying.  So just bare with me.  And now, my latest and great finds.  Short list this week.

You know I am going to change these
I am in love with this bracelet.  Just love it.
Gold tone
These are X-tra big.  Maybe too big for me.   Did I say that?


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Cardstock and Profile


I made this with intent of making greeting cards.   I liked it so much I use it as my profile for several of my sites. I am sorry I don’t have step by step instructions.

Greeting cards made from card stock, ribbons, and beads.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes


  • textured cardstock
  • craft ribbons
  • stretch bracelet or any stretch bracelet you have on hand
  • light weight cardstock
  • Tacky Glue
  • cutouts from magazine


    1. Fold an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of textured cardstock to make a greeting card.
    2. Choose a shape from a old magazine, book, or copy one from any “free” clip art sites.
    3. Once you have your image (I cut mine out from an old magazine), glue the entire page on to a piece of lightweight cardstock (easier to cut).
    4. Cut out your shape. Now I have my template to be used over again. (Keeping the original picture on the template also reminds me what the shape is). You now use template to make shapes from other papers, cardstock, or chip board.
    5. For my head wrap, I cut different ribbons, making sure that left a inch border on both sides. Each ribbon overlaps to make a seamless look.

Once dry, I turned over the shape and cut off the excess ribbon.

  • Before gluing the shape to the cardstock, I added embellishments. (I had a stretched out the bracelet which I doubled to look like a necklace.) You can add other embellishments to suit your taste.


There you have it. A unique handmade greeting to present to family or friends. The only purchase was the textured cardstock. I had all the other materials on hand.

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