Paper, Everywhere

I am now a confirmed paper junkie.  I love paper.  Paper, paper, paper.   Full sheets, bits of paper, writing paper.  You say paper, I say Hip Hop Hooray.   My passion has always been jewelry.  Since 2005, I started having problems with my eyes, which has made me reevaluate the direction of my jewelry empire(My empire consists of me and only me).  I still make jewelry, and some fine pieces I might say, but I now divide my time between paper and beads, hopefully to marry the two.  Now I am not the traditional scrapbook-er.  I cannot scrap to save my soul. The layouts of some of the books that I see; are fantastic.  I just use the same materials to create cards, crafts, bookmarks.  By twisting and turning paper every way but lose. I happen to think, that I make some beautiful cards.   What I find most of appealing about the cards I make is that they are textural.  Some of the edges or rough, torn, tattered.  They look handmade.  And that is the way I like them.  It gives the cards character.  Some of the cards are leaning to the left.  That happens to be the name of my card making division(of my vast empire) called TOTHELEFT.  My supplies consist of garage sale, thrift shops, donated items.  I don’t have a Cricut, or a Slice(if anyone feels the need to send me one, I will not turn it down.   I do have a few punches a box full of stamps and full size cutter, which I purchase for about $20.00.  Most of what I do is by hand and my hand alone.  Here are some samples of my handiwork.  You can see the entire collection @



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