Way back when

This is not my first time dabbling in paper.  My sister and I started a desktop publishing company and we surrounded by paper, I mean printing paper.  Cards, flyers, brochures and logos.   We had even thought about going into the retail business of selling decorative printing paper.  We found this company that would set you up with inventory for a mere $100.00.  For some reason we didn’t bite.   I can’t remember why.  I can’t remember the name of the company.  I could need deep in paper by now.  Funny how things work out.  I am  knee-deep in a different kind of paper.   By the way, my sister continued the business and I went in a totally different direction. 

I wonder was the episode the prelude to my life now.  I started out making jewelry, which is still my passion, but creating items out of paper is so relaxing, so soothing.  There are so many ways to decorate paper.  Cutting, painting, tearing, glueing, stain, coloring, stamping,  punching, folding, should I go on.  I have just as many boxes of paper as I do beads.   All you need is imagination, some glue, scissors and little magic.   Everyone loves receiving cards or a little note to lift the spirits.   I know I do.   Maybe you do too. 

Every now and then I think back to what could have been.  Would I have become the paper junkie that I am today.  Even now I started late in the paper game.  Had I succeeded in starting off with that $100.00 investment, where would I be today.   I know I  would have attacked with my usual gusto, head forward and nose to the grindstone.  

I like the fact that I can use anything paper or anything  to create cards, bookmarks and other paper crafts.  Who thought a long time ago, that I would be knee-deep in paper.  Ok, neck-deep in paper.  Ok I can’t see above the paper.    But is so much fun.



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