Paper Letters

I come across a lot of crafting ideas that I like to share and give credit where credit is due.  I seem to be promoting someones else’s work more than my own.  That’s ok.   I love to see other crafters work and maybe their ideas can inspire you and some of my own.   Keep on crafting.   I kept the orignal share buttons in this post.  If you like what you see, email that person.   We all like to hear about our work.

Craft Project: Paper Letters

Craft Projects> PaperSeptember 18, 2011

The brightly colored letters shown here are easy and fun to make. They are cut from plain and patterned cardstock. You can use them as birthday accents.Approximate Time:


  • white and colored cardstock
  • patterned cardstock
  • ruler, craft knife, glue stick
  • embellishments


Two upper case letter A's cut out laying one on top of the other. bottom one has white side face p top on hase colorful pink and bron dots on it

    1. Draw the letter in your chosen font on white cardstock. Use as a template to cut out each letter twice from colored and patterned cardstock.
      Note: You can print out the name twice in your chosen font and enlarge on a photocopier to the size you want.

two pieces of pink rectangular pieces of cardstock long edges folded up to form a run, one of them is smaller

    1. To make the spacers between the letters, cut 2 1/4 inch wide strips from colored cardstock, making them slightly smaller than the letter so that they won’t show when they are glued in place.
      Score and crease a half inch border down each side of the strips.

Large pink cutout of letter A with largestrip of pink cardstock glued on to form an edgePatterned cut out of the letter A on top of the smaller pink cutout

    1. Apply glue to the tops of the spacers and attach to the letter.
    2. Embellish the colored letter with flowers.
    3. When you stick the two letters together with the spacers, place the letters upright to ensure that when they are joined together they stand upright.

The name Lea completed as three dimensional blocks covered in patterened paper, the L has a line silk daisies going from top to bottom on th frontBy Maricel from Fairfax, VA


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