My son emailed me about his upcoming renewal of his lease.  Since he was going to stay, he decided it was time to stamp his name on the apartment he was living in.  Once he has it finished, he will email me the pic and I can share them.  But for now it is a bare apartment aside from the bed and dining room table and chair.   My son and I share a passion for diy.   We watch some of the same shows and we love to decorate.   I am very proud of him.  Since he lives in Chicago, turned to the internet for help to find one of a kind pieces to be used or reused.  Chicago has become a mecca of finding that one of a kind piece to decorate your home, apartment of condo.  Ranging from thrift stores, recycling, reuse, restore, whatever you want to call it, Chicago has it.   I sent him a list of the some of the store to help him in his quest to style a warm and inviting space.    Here is the list.   I cannot wait to get to some of these stores.  


Once I find other stores in other area, I will post them for review.   Happy Decorating.


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