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My sister called me two weeks ago.  She is having an event where her church group is selling vendor space.  I had sent her a card and she liked the way it was made.

Everything you see on this card I made from shapes that I found in magazines and books.

Since the theme of the event is African inspired, she wanted to know what clip art I use to make the cards.  I informed her that I made the shapes/stencils myself.   When I started crafting, I had to make a lot of my materials, instead of buying the items. I got a lot of my items from garage sales, thrift shops and leftovers from other crafters.  At the time, when I started my business, stencils, shapes, ink, card stock, was expensive, especially for me who was a single mother, with two small children.  Most of the time I had to work two jobs just to make ends meet.  That is why I started crafting and a business.   My business would allow me to take care of my kids, but also be flexible enough to be there for them.  So I started my own items in order to make complete projects.

You can find shapes in everything from books, magazines, clothes, just about anything.  Here is one my favorite mediums to work with, magazines.  They have so many shapes that the choices are limitless.   Here is how I work the magic.   I find a shape that I like.   I will usually paste the whole page on to cardboard or card stock.   Once the glue has dried, I will cut out the shape.   Now I have an outline to draw on to cards, material wood or other objects.  I can add details to the shapes once I have finished.  More recently I started cutting out magazine pages for some of the shapes I have seen.  It has been fun, revisiting an old method.   Take a look at some of my past and present shapes that served me in my crafting creations.  Oh by the way, I recreated those same shapes for my sister to use.  They are in the mail and on their way.  Here it is

 I found this shape in a magazine.  I love the way the head tilts and elongated neck.  You can do so much with this shape

 This is a side profile.  I use the top of the head to dress up with hat or scarf look.  I use real material for that.

I call this one the big head.  It is another profile face.

I found this elephant from a children’s book.  I call this one happy elephant.

This is one of my favorite heads.  I can dress it up with material and beads.  She how she holds her head

This another head profile.  I cut the top off to give me more ideas on how to decorate it.

This another profile head shape.  This is one of my favorites.  Doesn’t she look regal.

This is one of my full body shots.  I cut this out and added the detail.   Ms. Sassy I call her.  A sassy diva.

The mother land, big and small





This is actually a dress form I found in a magazine. 


The Queen.  Need I say more.






This is the hat.   Actually I found this shape of a planter box.   A tree was cut from the original picture.   I just turned the planter around and it became a hat.


Another hat.  This shape I found in a catalog.




Hat number 3.  I really like this one because I can use either way.  Upside down or right side up. It’s all good.







I call this the honey pot.   I can add all types of embellishments to, on top and around this shape.







This is Andirka symbol for God.







Just for good measure, I also sent this shape of an angel.







If you want to see some of my other cards click on the link – to my other cards.  Most of my cards that used the shapes are gone.  I like to make one of a kind cards.  I only pulled these out since my sister called.  I think I will leave them out for a little while.  I have found a new inspiration.  Sometimes you have to start at the beginning to find your self.   Tally ho.


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