Mr. Williams – Art Teacher Guru.

I am in the process of trying to sell my house, so most of my crafting supplies(and there is a lot) is stored away.   I still make jewelry, but I love all the aspects of crafting, from personal accessories to home decor.  Since most of my projects have been put on hold, I will be showcasing the projects of others and hopefully a few of my small projects.   

One such showcase belongs to the students at Highland Elementary School, in Waterloo, IA.  The king of the all the art projects at Highland, is Mr. Williams.  I have the pleasure of working alongside Mr. Williams at the school.  I had the extra pleasure of sitting in on his class with one of our students.  I think he is dedicated, honest, and what would call a true artist.  He brings creativity, imagination patience with everyday to school and imparts these qualities to his students and staff.   He tailors all projects to each grade level.  Most of the time you can see a child carrying his project, rushing up to anyone and displaying what they made in art class that day.  Their smiles are so big.

One such project, I call cd and color.   Mr. Williams has incorporated cd’s, color and imagination.  The student used what they learned in class and I think the project turned wonderful.  What I really like the most is that Mr. Williams will display each grade level art work.  So anyone walking down are long hallway will get a rare treat.

Here is a picture of Mr. Williams.  In the background is the what I call Christmas everyday.  I remember correctly this particular project was done by third graders.  I love the way to light bounces off the Cd’s and the interesting patterns that the students drew on the Cd’s.  The children also decorated the hangers used to display the project.  Sadly, my own CD was not put up.  I did protest this, but my protest fell on deaf ears.   I will just have to shine some other way.  Please take a look at some of creative minds of our children. .





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