Paper, Oh Paper

I started working with paper about 3 years ago.   It started out as a need and became a passion.  I think paper is one of the pure art forms(besides beads and wood).   Paper is my friend.  I can do so much with it.  Cards, book marks, signs, flyers, scrap booking.   What n into scrap booking.  I love scrap booking.  Can’t do it, but I love it.   I spent many hours reading on the subject, looking at magazines, checking out web sites about  .  For some reason, my cards would never look like the ones on the cover of some of the  magazines.   I tried to follow the rules and regulations, but to me, they just did not look the  same.   So after a while, I started to create my way.  I decided not to make full size cards and just concentrate on note cards, bookmarks, tags, cards for earrings and prayer cards.  Plus I wanted to find a way not spend as much money on this venture. 

I hunted garage sales, thrift shops, dollar stores, clearance aisles, freebies, give-aways, and anything I could find.  My good friend Charmaine gave me a lot of stamps, paper and other tools of the trade.  I was off and running.   But I found my biggest expense was the paper.   Paper is all sizes, color texture.   I found a shop which I was able to buy some of the paper in bulk in very affordable prices(try 8 packs for $1.00).   I was in heaven.   Take a look at some of my finds. You can also see some of my handy work at TOTHELEFT  also on this blog under Scraps as well as Note Cards


This is my pink paper.  Oh la la la

This is how I work.  See my roll tape.  Found them at a garage sale

I keep my paper in baggies and did you see my scissors.  I got them at Hobby Lobby on the clearance wall

My packs of paper at ridiculous price.  I have not decided what I will do with them yet.

At my job, the ladies in the kitchen save me these cardboard dividers.  They are sturdy and make great cards

Here are more packs of paper.  I love picking up scraps. 

This is paper I got at
Wal-Mart. I think I paid less than $5.00 for all of this.  Yeah!!!!!!!

I found these at a thrift shop.  You can use these to do rub-ons.  Different patterns.  6 sheets in all.  What a deal

More packs of paper.  You see the passion.  Look closely,those are little note books used as journal

I use this paper for tags and book marks.  Feel the energy.

I had decided to use the large sheets to make note cards to decorate.  Smart!!!!

More packs of paper.  Some less than 10 cents a pack.

I am just paper crazy!

A close up of the scissors I have brought.  12 scissors for $6.00.  Not bad, not bad at all


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