A Punch of Color

I had decided to assist my son with decorating his apartment.  He really did not need any help from me, but I like to add my two cents anyway.  I like what he has done so far, early vintage, clean line, with just a hint of not having a lot of furniture.  Hopefully before I leave we can complete one room.  I would take a picture, but I have not asked his permission yet, so we will go by my description.  He wants to start with the living room first.   He has already purchased a couch(he is just as frugal as I am).   I love the arms of the couch, but it sits low for my me(I may still be beautiful, but my body aches tell a different story.  He already has it mapped out how he wants it to look. 

So in one of our travels, we stopped at JoAnn Fabrics, one of my favorite places to be.  I buy the majority of my findings and beads to make my jewelry.  I rarely look at the fabric, because I see so many possibilities, curtains, pillows, chairs, the whole nine yards. By the way, once I get back home, I will be taking a sewing class(I will let you know how that turns out).   I am really excited.

Since he was in the mood to look at fabric, I ventured with him to give my opinion.    Here are some of the fabrics that I picked.   I love the richness and quality of the fabric.  I must say that the majority of the fabric I picked ran about $30.00 a yard.   This does not fit well into a frugal minded budget, but I took pictures any way. 









Now there were other fabrics to look and I am sure, we will visit JoAnn’s again.  For now, these are my picks.   My son is not in total agreement.   I was always  taught, mother knows best.


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  1. Those ARE beautiful! And you’ll have such fun sewing pillows and other fun accents! 🙂

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