Here we go

I started this post yesterday, but I was feeling so bad, I could not finish.  I thought I had saved the draft, but alas, not copy of the draft.  I am still not feeling the best, but I have changed the way this particular blog will go.  Right now it is too hot to be perfect.   I wait until it cools down, then I will be back to my old self.   Some of you might ask, why not wait.  I ask myself that very question, but I have so many other projects that have backed up, I need to play catch up.  Sometimes, I just like the pictures to speak for themselves.   

I will let these pictures speak for my first day out with my grandson, back in my home city, Chicago.    Let the parade begin

This is my first ride on this particular line.   Fun and more fun.

I love looking out the window.  You can find out so much information by just being quiet and looking.

We are nearing the Loop.    Coming across the Chicago River

Coming around the back of the some of the buildings.  Look how beautiful.

Our first stop, the Harold Washington Library.  Ten stories of learning.  You can learn more about the Harold Washington Library by clicking on the name.   We stayed long enough for me to get beaten 3 x’s at the Cool Math Site

  It was lunch time.  Of course Mickey D’s and Baskin Robbins for desert.

A little side note.  The next time I stop into a Baskin Robbins, I will have to take out a small loan.   I am very out of touch with prices these days.  I have been on a frugal kick.  Eating out has been off my radar for a while.  I even had a coupon.    Onward and up

We stopped by Millenium Park.  The first stop was the wading pool.  The water is coming down from the two towers while displaying pictures.   There is also a water sprout coming out from the middle.  A popular spot.  Jay did not get wet, but I let him wade around.  I waded around myself.  It was a hot day.

We also stopped by the walking gardens and the wishing pool.  Took a load off and just let our feet dangle in the water.

After getting our feet wet to strolled past the bandstand

Next on the agenda, the giant mirror ball(it looks like a kidney)

After taking pictures, we strolled along, and came across a high school jazz band.  Sweet sounds

Well it was time to go.  Me tired, Jay tired(he fell asleep as soon as the train started moving).

My next visit, I plan on going through the whole park, with better shoes. 


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