Ok, I should have taken before pictures. Any true blogger would have. I was just excited to get this together before the house showing, that I just started right in.

I had this metal black bench for at least ten years. I got it free. I have changed the surface at least twice. The last restore, was for the bedroom. It fit very well(sorry no pictures). The only reason for the move was I lost all four of the rubber tabs(this keeps my floors from being scratched) at the bottom. I finally put it outside on the screen porch, but it needed a make over of sorts. So I headed to Hancock Fabrics and picked up this striped material. It was on the clearance rack for $6.00 a yard. All I needed was a 1 1/2. I scurried home and measured. It fits perfectly. My husband even decided to assist me in the CHANGE. Just adding a new cover, makes all the difference, without spending a lot of money.

So here it is. I will much more on top of my game for my future post. Until then, keep on creating.


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