Time away

Once again, I coming back from a long hiatus of blogging. I go through stages, where all I want to do is create. To be real, sometimes I forget to take pictures of my creations until they are all finished. Sometimes I just want to finish the project and move on to the next one. I see so many blogs put together with each step of the process.  I would like to be better at this.   I envy bloggers who can do this.  Oh it is not to say I can’t, I just have not found my rhythm yet.   Then I discovered something.   This is my blog. I can do whatever I want. If there is system I have to follow, I will be might be  going in the other direction.  Yes, I want the attention. Yes, I want the followers. Yes, I want to be in the blog  stratus sphere. But more important, I want to share my love of crafting. I hope everyone enjoys what I post. I enjoy sharing. So let me share a bit what I have been doing.

other bracelet holders

I got these at my job. They were free. I plan to paint them and use them to display necklaces. I love working with wood

bracelet holders

These were given to me free as well. i plan to add a label with my business info and that is it. I have about 50 of these.

bracelet holders2

This is how one side looks. I love that they already have a hold for me to tie my jewelry to.

bracelet holders3

This side is where I will put the label and maybe stamp some images to make it pretty. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

floss cards82413

It pays to go thought the entire store. I always stop at the clearance racks first. I found these in the clearance section of the sewing department at Hobby Lobby. The price was right. I could use these.


I found this stamp letter J in my collection and decided to use red ink to stamp the letter on tags(at least this what I am using it for.


I also used the stamp for jewelry tags that I made from a cutout of the African continent. I made about 50 and decorated with different colors. Boy it takes time to cut out all those countries




This was the original cutout. I found this in a magazine. I glued the magazine to some cardstock and cut out the image. Easy, peasy

Earring cards82413

Since I make jewelry, I use the cards that my finding come in as jewelry display. I will show the completed piece in another post. Free is alright with me

  earring cards824132  necklace cards82413 

Here are two more examples of using what you have.  These are the backs of findings holders.  I have not altered these but it is coming.  These also make great jewelry holders or display.


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