New/Old Projects

I have started a new(old) activity.  I started crocheting and knitting again.  I use to crochet so much when I was younger, my fingers would get callous.  Blankets, hats, socks, what ever I could make with yarn.  Being the thrifty person, that I am I headed to the thrift shop to purchase my needed materials, namely hooks and needles.  I hit the jackpot.  I was able to get 5 pairs of knitting needles for 75 cents and 8 hooks for $1.00.   Now the yarn.  One of my favorite haunts is Hancock fabrics.   They mark items down to 25 cents or lower.   I picked up yarn as low as $1.68.  I was in heaven.


Because my skills was a little rusty I decided to try my hand some of my own scarfs.   I even found some old scarfs at the thrift shop and decided to add-on or embellish the existing piece.   Take a look


wpid-IMAG0186.jpg wpid-IMAG0185.jpg wpid-IMAG0184.jpg

This was an old scarf I took a loose and reshaped.   I added the button as a closure.  The picture quality is a little hazy.  Sorry,   I was in a hurry.


wpid-IMAG0179.jpg wpid-IMAG0178.jpg


This scarf was very long so I made it into an infinity scarf.  I removed the tassels on the end and inserted them throughout the scarf.  I think it turned out very well.  I sent this to my daughter.  She loved it.



This one I found at a church sale.   I added different colored thread throughout the scarf for added texture.   I turned this into an infinity scarf as well.


wpid-IMAG0174.jpg wpid-IMAG0173.jpg wpid-IMAG0172.jpg

My last scarf.  This is actually two scarfs crochet together.  I added button just because it was Wednesday.  No particular reason.    The actual colors are dark brown and wine.  By the time I finished this piece, it was down to the floor.


I plan to continue my new(old) obsession with yarn, crocheting and knitting.   Wish me luck


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