Been Working




Since I have been off for summer break, I have been busy getting ready before going to back to work.   In one of my previous post, I found these boards and thought they would be good to display my jewelry.  Getting them free(total of 60) didn’t hurt either.

bracelet holders2 bracelet holders


Here is what I did with them.


First, I picked the stamps I would use to decorate.  I only needed a few.  My favorite is the Sincerely and Live, Laugh and Love stamp.


IMAG0444 IMAG0445 IMAG0446The same goes for the inks I use.  Just a few.

IMAG0442 IMAG0441 IMAG0440 IMAG0439


****Note, most of the inks I picked up from thrift shops, garage sale and as you can see 50 cents at Jo-Ann Fabrics*******


To make it interesting, I just repeated the same stamp on each card.

IMAG0443 IMAG0448IMAG0447

I plan to use them to display my beaded bookmarks, which I will showing later.    Stay tune.





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