They cost what…..

↑My wallets have finally died. It is time to get a new one or two.   One would think as much as I love purses, I would love wallets too. Nope, I will keep a wallet until it falls apart. So off the stores (Kohl’s, JC Penny’s, TJ Maxx, etc). Every store I went to the prices was making me sad. Very sad. I couldn’t believe the price of wallets. $20 to$40 dollars.  $40 dollars for a wallet.  Are they crazy.  I just want something to put my change and cards in. The last store I went to was Kohl’s.  I happen to be a big fan of Kohls, but I was not going to pay that much for a wallet.  They did have some pretty wallets.




Look at those prices.  Even the ones on the clearance was still expensive, at least for me.   I am a frugal girl.  Living fab on a budget,a real tight budget.



As you can see I looked over the entire wallet section of the store.  Even with a sale going on I still was not going to pay those prices!

This was the last rack I looked at.   See the arrows.  I really like the wallets with the elephants on them.   They were more expensive than all the rest.   I happen to like elephants.   They bring you good luck if the trunk is up.  Well maybe not on this day.




So it is off to my favorite spots, garage sales and thrift shops.  I did score.  $1.00 for this green number.  Not the latest fashion but I like and fits my needs.  Not as decorative as the one at Kohls, but, I think I can spruce it up.  First it needed cleaning, not a lot, just a little.   Always clean any item you get from a garage sale or thrift shop.

IMAG0430 IMAG0429


Here is my version of the big fix up.   I searched and searched for a leather/ vinyl elephant but could not find one.  I thought about using a piece of leather,and a stencil but, I could not find a piece that I liked.   I decided to check my stash and this is what I found.   I feel it expresses the real me.  Another direction.



Forgot to take pic before I tore open the package


Ms. Frugal strikes again. Only 50 cents @Jo-Ann Fabrics


I love iron -ons.  They bring another dimension to your wardrobe.    Now I needed a way to iron on a leather wallet.  Another idea.  I already had some wax paper.  I just doubled up the paper to protect the wallet, and used the medium setting



Only had to double the wax paper twice.


One whole dollar. I can reuse the same piece.



Presto, chango, here is the  finished product.   I think it fit me to a T.   I love.  It only took about 10 minutes to make.  I plan to attack my other purses and look for some wallets.   Tally ho, my loyal subjects await.






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