A Better Day

I love to brighten a person’s day.  If not by telling a joke or a word of comfort in a stressful time.  With my big mouth, sometimes the words are hard to come by.  A friend of mine had given me an idea.   She made these prayer cards.  She would slip them in whenever she would see you or give you something.  She was always giving me something.  I decided to make my prayer cards.  I slip them in the bags of customers who buy my jewelry.  Sometimes, I will just passed them out when I meet someone and we strike up a conversation.    Here is what I make.   I hope this makes you have a better day.


wpid-imag0685_1_1.jpg  wpid-imag0686_1_1.jpg  wpid-imag0688_1.jpg  wpid-imag0690_1.jpg


wpid-imag0693_1.jpg  wpid-imag0691_1.jpg


wpid-imag0689_1.jpg    wpid-imag0692_1.jpg


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