Its time for me to  start crocheting again.  I have decided to make my grandniece and grandchildren some more of my creations. Crocheting is so relaxing. I can whip up a quick scarf while watching Scandal (one of the best shows on TV)  I have been crocheting for more than 20 years, but I am now just  learning new stitches from You Tube tutorials. They are wonderful.  Thank God for You Tube.  I can now follow a pattern, as long as there is no special stitches.  Patterns and I have never really gotten along.  I just made up my own from basic stitches(single, double, half double, treble).  Now I can add more flair and style to my pieces.  The two channels  I like the most is Sheruknitting and Happy Berry Crocheting. They both give clear and precise instruction.  I have learned so much.

Now down to basics.  Being frugal as I am, I found my crochet hooks at the local thrift shop.  I spent less than $3.00 for all these hooks.

I like working with steels hooks the best.

I like working with steels hooks the best.

At the same shop, I found these

yarn measure

Yarn sizer

Tape measure

Tape measure

I picked up a stitch marker at Hancock Fabrics for a $1.00.

stitch marker

Now for the good part.   My first flower

flower1 O42RpN6Z2ebUOoL_awl7bAYC7v3rrkDwXqtGjLe5kfw=s197-p-no2flower2

Ain’t they cute. New creations on the horizon.   It’s yarntastic



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3 responses to “Yarntastic

  1. Great deal on all those hooks!

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