Single, double and half double

I have been a crocheting demon.  Ice and snow seems to bring it out in me.  I have so many projects, but between watching You Tube tutorials and crocheting, I have not had the time to attend to my jewelry.  ***Side note.   As I soon as I put my new pieces on my Etsy site, I will let you know.  Now back to my yarn fetish. In my previous post, I mentioned that I was able to get all my needles at the thrift shop.  I hit the jackpot.  Since I got my hooks for a small amount, maybe they had yarn too.  Score!!!!!!!.  Skeins for fifty cents.**  Can you believe it, fifty cents.**   Here is my stash.  Look  at all the pretty colors.  With all things you  get from the a thrift shop or garage sale, clean, wash and disinfect.



I also use my knitting needles to keep my skeins in line.  I plan to make a yarn holder out of Styrofoam and knitting needles.

balls2 stash2


Now, my yarn is old and not as up to date as what is in the stores today, but I can make it work. It is a challenge for me. Makes me bring my A-game.  Take a look at my first project.




I used the flowers, I made and attached them to the scarf and ear warmer.



I  added the buttons for a decorative touch.  Ain’t it cute?    I hope my little niece likes it.   I have to mail it to her.  Hopefully, my family will take a pic of her wearing it.   Well bye for now.  Gotta go. Peace.


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