Finished, but

My new obsession, well not new, just reborn, is crocheting.  Yarn, and more yarn.  I pick up books, pamphlets and scour You Tube Tutorials every hour on the hour.  Well not every hour, but every chance I get.  If you follow me you know I am frugal.  Why pay a fortune when you can do the same thing, without breaking the bank.  I had all this yarn, but I knew it would take me a while to crochet scarves, hats, blanket, head bands.   On one of my trips to my favorite thrift shop, I found these scarves already finished.  Apparently a gentlemen in the neighborhood crochets for therapy and gives them to the thrift shop to sell.   On this particular day, I stopped in, they was having a sale.   They called it wacky Wednesday.  I was able to get scarves for each 25 cents.  I know. What a steal.  Plus they were the right size, small and medium.  I was in heaven.    As with all items, you need to wash them.   I usually add fabric softener to make the yarn soft.  Here is a tip.  You can also use conditioner.   Any old cheap brand will do.   Test it on your yarn before you use it on the whole lot.   I find it works for me.    This makes it so much easier, and I am going to add my touch.  I just go to.  See you when I ‘m.   Yarn over.





I found 4 of each color



IMAG1047 IMAG1048 (1) IMAG1049 (1) IMAG1050 (1) IMAG1051 (1) IMAG1052 (1) IMAG1056 (1)


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