Failure is not a option

I have a tendency to get lost in  projects.  Since I started crocheting again, that is all I have on my mind.   Crocheting is my new obsession.  Plus, I am trying to incorporate it in the jewelry side of my business.   If you are like me, then you have dry spells. I call them droughts.  Having to force myself to create, when no ideas are coming is frustrating.   Most of the frustration comes from forcing myself to work on my other crafts when my mind is elsewhere.  I had a show coming up and wanted to make some extra pieces.   Not a good idea.  For me epic fails.   Take a look


This is what I stated with, blank, raw wood.




As you can see, it was not my finest hour.  Hopefully I will be able to do something else.  Paint is the all time forgiver.  Here are my other fails.  It has to speak to me.  I don’t like the words this bracelet is saying.  A lady never uses that kind of language.


Rubber glove, paint and watching TV. I wish I could blame it on drinking, but I don’t drink.


Heard about this Rub and Buff. Not impressed with the results. I do love the coverage.


Tried a red wash over this bracelet. Let the picture speak for itself


So I tried again by adding some dots with a Q tip. If at first you don’t succeed, mess up a second time

Well it back to drawing board.  Failure is not an option.


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