Re’ – Part One

I love vintage and thrift shop finds. You can find most of my finds on my other blog, Digging in the Box.    Especially with regards to jewelry.  The fact that I make and sell my own jewelry, I like to take existing pieces and remake them to suit my taste.  It might sound backwards, this what I like.

On one of my trips, I found this necklace for $1.00.  I knew I could take apart and make it complete set.  Lets get started.   Here are the tools I used.

Needle nose, wire cutter and flat nose pliers.  I have these pieces for over 10 years and they serve me well.

Eye Pins

Jump rings

I decided to make the earring first.

The necklace.  Sorry about the pic, but is a double strand, which makes it easier to convert.  I saved the hook and chain(after a good cleaning), since it was still in good shape.  I will show that when I remake the necklace.

I separated equal parts of beads to make the earrings

After trying different combinations, I settled on this one.  Ain’t it cute.

I did not needed to cut off any of the eye pin since the beads took up most of the space.  I just needed to bend the wire so I could attach the hook.

 I decided to use small fish hooks.

I like the fact that these hooks can slide through.

All I have to do is to use my flat nose pliers to close the hook together.

I love the look, but add one more bead for effect.  It is easy since I used the eye pins which has a loop at the end.

I add these beads using head pins(you can also use eye pins as well).  I cut them down so that they could swing on the end.

Now you can see the completed earring.  I love them.  Part two, the bracelet.


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