Re – Part 2 Bracelet

I decided to break up my re-creations.  In Part one I made earrings from a two tier necklace I had found at the thrift shop.  This necklace was perfect for reconstructing.  I made earrings, necklace and a bracelet.  The bracelet  is next on the agenda.  Nothing fancy, just one strand.  It can be worn with the complete set/by itself or stacking. Your choice.   Here is the finished bracelet.

March 21, 2015 61033 PM CDT


Eye pins

Beads of choice

Snap Closure

Jump Rings

Round nose pliers

Needle nose pliers

Wire Cutters.

March 21, 2015 62017 PM CDT

This is what the snap closure looks like when assembled


This is what it looks like opened

Now I can start to build my bracelet.  The fun part.

1. I connect a jump ring to an eye pin


Make sure you twist the jump ring open, instead of pulling apart.


2. Add your first bead


The eye pin will need to be cut using the wire cutters

3. You cut your eye pin down to about 1/2 inch.  I use my finger as a guide.  I hate measuring.  I will post how to measure in another post.


4. Next, as with the earrings, you bend the eye pin into a hook.


5. At this point,you can attach another eye pin before closing off.


Add beads at random or desired effect.

6. Continue to build your bracelet to the desired length.  Depending on the size of your wrist , the beads and how I want the bracelet to hang, I will make my bracelets smaller by an 1/2 half of inch of my wrist.  The jump rings and closure usually take up about 1/2 inch for your final creation.

7. I finish of with another jump ring on the opposite end


8. I connect this jump ring to the one half of the closure.  Follow the same steps on the other end adding the other half of the closure.


I love this closure.

Now you have a finished bracelet


Enjoy.  Next Necklace.  Part Three


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