Brand New

My mother use to ask me how I can make jewelry to sell, but the jewelry I have for myself is different.   I love making jewelry for people to oh and ah over, but I like the old school jewelry and seeing what I can go with it to make it mine.  Most of my personal jewelry comes from the thrift shop and garage sales, but I have been going to stores and buying off the clearance rack.  Never one to waste an opportunity to be frugal.   My latest buy was from Khols.  The have an awesome collection and better still, a fab clearance rack.  I have gotten some sweet deals.  I love when I can get multiples on one card and turn them into something else for me or my family.  I found these bracelets at Khols for $2.00 for a set of bracelets.

I brought two sets.  Each set had two of the same colors.    Just in time for spring.   The only issue I had was the flimsy material.   They were very thin and could easily snap from take them off and on(I have already lost two).  What can I do?  Then it hit me, the thought I mean.  Since they were so light weight, I could turn into earrings.  That’s the ticket……..earrings.  Another problem.  I didn’t want a bunch of hoops.     Oh me oh my what is a style girl to do.

I present to you, Twisted Metal.  A twist here, clinch here and now you have something to work with. Now I just need to add the finishing touches.   I need some beads……………..  Next time I will show how I achieved this effect.  Bye y’all.


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