My first attempt

I love going to thrift shops and garage sales.  I especially like when I score personal accessories.   Jewelry, purses, scarfs, belts, you name it I want it.  I also like to reconfigure pieces to fit my personal, STYLE.   Here is one purse I picked up for free at a church event.  It had several stains on it that would not wash away.   So I decided to dress it up a bit to cover the stains.  I like purses that have a lot of rooms.   I cleaned the purse with a Clorox wipe(it wasn’t leather) and the inside as well.

I selected on of my stencils and traced the desired design on the purse with a ball point pen

I then proceeded to color in the design using sharpies in different colors.  I made some of the colors deeper and did not fill in all of the spaces.   I like that way, just a little rough around the edges.

And here is the completed purse.

I will complete the other side with the same pattern, only switch the patterns to the other side.    This project only took about 25 and   minutes with majority of the time, looking for my markers, I must learn to put things back in their space..  The markers dry instantly and there is no smudges.    I love it.  I hope you will too.  Just in time for spring.

*I gave the purse to someone who liked my artwork*


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