I love working with stamps. Since the invention of Cricut Cut/Die Cut machines, a lot of crafters have either thrown away, donated or sold their stamps.  My frugal nature, (plus I just don’t have the cash for a cutter) is one of my driving forces to buy these stamps.  I picked these stamps up for wait for it……….$2.00.  I ran out of the thrift store with my goodies.  I love the ones with writing.   They are more expensive at the craft stores than images.   The larger size stamps cost more as well.  That is one of the first things I look for when I visit my favorite haunts.

It might take me longer to complete a project but I still get the same effect.  I am going to have some fun.

Happy, Happy, Happy

Add caption
More invites
I love it
This came in handy
This is making me hungary
Valentine’s Day coming up
Thanks you cards on the way
Homemade or Handmade
Teachers Aide
Baby on the way
Party time
And warm wishes to you.
I love the stamps with words.  They are so hard to come by.
I can add another stamp to this one or a special note inside the border.
I have a friend who caters for a living.  I think she would like this stamp.
Party time

I love this stamp.  For 2015 I am going to learn how to sew.



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