Clutch in the Clutch

I am always looking for purses for my collection. I am a purse fanatic.   I love really big purses.   On occasion, I will see a clutch and feels it fits into my style as a night-time purse.  I found this one at a local thrift shop, of course.   I decided to undress it a little.   Here is what I do.  Because the purse is patent leather, it does not photograph very well, so my pic’s did not turn out as expected.    Here is the purse  I found

A basic patent leather purse.   Vintage and retro.  I love it..  As you can see it has a little scuff marks near the top in two places.  Nothing I can handle

I decided to add an embellishment to adorn the purse.  I did not want it super dressy.

I found these buttons on a jacket that had a whole in and it was too big to cover.  So tossed the jacket and kept the buttons.  Came in handy.

I used a darning needle and decided to use red thread as accent.  I put the other button on the other side.   Here are the end results

 Yes that is my TV remote. Had to prop my clutch against my lamp.   This was quick and easy.    Bye ya’ll.



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