Pursenality Plus.

Listening to Michael Jackson’s, Remember the Time

Back again, digging in the box.  The shoes at the bottom of the post, a friend of my gave me.  I will redo them at another time.  So they were FREE!   The black, red and brown clutch were a mere 75 cents each.  Can you believe it?   The one purse at the bottom was, wait for it………..50 cents.  The other purse was $1.00  I just love finding bargains. Scroll through my finds.  

I found this at the same thrift shop.  I love the shape.
I plan to remove the shoulder strap, so I can carry it as a clutch
For now, I just tuck in the shoulder strap(below) and be on my merry way

I was really excited to learn that this came from Victoria Secret.
Another clutch.  I don’t care if it is leather or not.  I like the look and style. 
My plans is to lift the metal edge and add some chains that flow down.  Wish me luck.
I have no plans right now this beauty.  Just looking good on its own
For some reason I could not get the color right.  The pic above has more of the real color.  The bottom pic is, shall we  say altered.    Any way, I want to draw or stencil some design.   Have not figured that out yet.

I have been able to match some of my finds with what I already have in my closet.  Today I cleaned out some of my closet and I am going to donate them the local thrift or Goodwill.    A lot of my pieces are stand alone.  I will be remaking over a few pieces.   And way we go.

A friend of mine gave me these shoes.  Aren’t they cute.  I plan to restyle the bottom half.
She also gave me these.   These are perfect.  I found a matching purse at a local thrift shop.
Looking good, looking real  good.

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