Retail, oh my

I usually find my pieces at the local thrift shops and garage sales, to make them my own.  But there times when I will rummage through the clearance racks at different stores.  Naturally I try to get more bang from my buck.  

I check out Khols, JC Penny’s, Gordmans, TJ Maxx, or whatever store I happen to be in.  Sometimes, the accessories and jewelry that I find is cheaper than the thrift shop. 

Plus Khols will send me a ten dollar card and I can usually find something to suit my taste(out of pocket just tax).   What helps me out is that I will buy the clearance jewelry (especially the cards that carry 3 earrings), take them apart and restyle them.  Sometimes I will just add two earring together(I like big earrings).

Here are my latest finds.  Transformations to follow.

All the earrings below was brought at Khols.  I didn’t spend  but $2.00 per card and some of the cards had 2-3 pairs on one card.



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