I have always been a crafter/recycler/thrift shop baby/garage sale/dumpster diving women I am today.  It started with my easy bake oven and advanced to the bigger stove making homemade cookies, cakes, bread and rolls.  I use to change my bedroom at least once a month.  I soon turned to clothes and jewelry and ended up dabbling in home decor.    I  love creating things.  I like the whole process from start to finish.  I have turned my passion into a business(which I have been building).     I have turned my talents to accessorizing my home(At least I try), my children, friends and family.    The more I do, the more I want to do.   I cannot remember a day when I was not making something, getting ready to make something or just finishing something.   My mind swirls with color, textures, style and shapes.   It love the peace and satisfaction that creating brings to me. 

Each page of this blog, reflects who I am.  

Recycle/Redo/Repurpose – This page contains Trash to Treasure items.   You will see everything from jewelry, clothing, accessories and home furnishings.  

Note cards – The notes card, that I create will be on this page.  All of the cards are for sale.  Check with me about pricing and special circumstances.

Scraps – This is page consists of all my scraps and how I use them to create other projects.

Continue to stop a see all the goodies that I have created.


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